GATE is important

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an important exam. It opens the gate, so to speak, for future studies and employment. It is the basis for admission to many of the prestigious colleges for M.Tech and such higher studies. It is also compulsory for being considered for employment in most of the Public Sector Units / DRDO/ BARC etc.



IITs are the most prestigious Colleges in India. Obtaining admissions in them is tough.

If you want to do your M.Tech. from any IIT, you have to “Open the GATE” (Qualify in the GATE Exam)

GATE is tough

The exam is tough. Almost 80% of the questions demand an in depth knowledge of the concepts and the ability to apply them to solve problems. The problems are mostly interdisciplinary in nature. Of the 1.5 Lakh students who apply for this exam, only 15 to 18 % qualify (See box). It indicates that the exam requires a good understanding of the subject and a lot of practice.

Of the 10 Lakh students who apply, only a handful qualify.
You must get a good rank if you want either a good job or a good IIT to do your Masters in.



The college education does not give an in depth understanding of any subject. Moreover, students consider college as a place for fun rather than serious studies. They miss many classes, take more interest in other activities and manage to pass the exam by last minute studies. They cannot pass GATE unless they re-learn the subject from scratch.

IITs and IISc Bengaluru have some of the best infrastructure in the world.


Picture shows a group  of Aviation Students in an IIT.


Coaching for GATE exam is highly recommended. It helps revision within a strict time schedule and clears concepts. It also gives additional practice in solving problems.


BHEL a heavy industrial electrical and turbine manufacturing PSU at Hyderabad.
Entry only through GATE for freshers.


ONGC is an ever expanding Public Sector Giant. HQ is at Dehra Dun, but its presence is all over India.

Entry through GATE only.


This blog is assistance to students planning to appear in the GATE exam next year. In the blog you find not only the basic information for GATE, but tips for studying, course material of a few subjects and practice test papers. I am a GATE instructor and I have a good idea of what students need.

GATE leads you to IIT – IITs lead you to a new world.

Watch this video and see for yourself.