20 Excellent Tips for the GATE exam

  1. Familiarise yourself with the details of the exam, the eligibility criteria, subject papers, syllabus, exam pattern etc. This information is available in the information brochure of the conducting institution as well as in this blog at the “GATE-2018” page.



  1. Be informed that only 15% of the applicants qualify in this exam because it is tough. Your preparation must therefore be serious, focused and well planned.blog-2
  2. Experts and toppers feel that the entire GATE syllabus must be covered. However, it is generally seen that the GATE papers are biased towards the subjects covered during the second and third year of graduation. It is wise to be thorough with those subjects, but a revision of the earlier subjects must not be totally left out.
  1. Make a timetable for your revision carefully, and adhere to it strictly. The time table should be realistic and doable. During revision, keep the GATE Syllabus handy to refer to the topics and to know where you stand with regard to your overall preparation. Here is a link to a you tube where Ashwini Thakur explains all about time tables. It is a short one and he gives a lot of useful tips.

  1. If you are a final year student, your schedule will be hectic, but turn it to your advantage. Since the study environment is already built up, all you need to do is to incorporate the schedule for GATE preparation into it. It will be intense but the result is worth the effort.
  1. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses topic wise for the whole syllabus. This will help pinpoint the weak areas where you need more hard work than the others. It will also point out the strong points that you need to hold on to.blog-3
  2. Systematically do all the previous year’s question papers. This will familiarise you with the GATE Exam pattern and reveal the important topics. It will also reveal your own strength and weaknesses.
  3. Make your own “formula – sheet “, topic wise when you are revising. These notes will be useful when revising during the last days (in February 2018).

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