Since you have decided to appear in the GATE exam, joining a PSU must be one of your options if not the only one!  As of now, over 30 PSUs have announced that their recruitment will, at least partially, be through the GATE exam.


Why a PSU?

Joining a PSU is very attractive. (I served in a PSU as a Director for over 10 yrs. – so I should know) Just as an interesting point, apart from the excellent pay that even a management trainee received, we had excellent working conditions. All offices were modern and air-conditioned; all work areas were world class. We were ISO certified. What is more, I visited 7 foreign countries 13 times in those ten years. I thoroughly enjoyed my stint, although I was from the Army on deputation.

Why you should focus on government sector jobs ?

  • You are a fresher. You do not have campus placements. You do not have experience. You do not have reference.
  • Private sector is all about money and generally prefers. experienced ready to join work force. Government sector is not just about money but It is also about human resource development.
  • CSIR/ICMR/ICAR/DBT/IIT all have HRD departments which conducts all these exam.  (GATE/CSIR/lCMR/ICAR/DBT-BET) to recruit and train fresher manpower for jobs/PG/PhD for its chain of labs across the country. Primary focus of all these national exams is to recruit skilled
    fresher workforce.
  • Only the government sector recruits more number of freshers.
  • Only the government sector pays more than the private sector for BTech/MSc/MTech freshers (~Rs. 20,OOO/pm In fellowship category).
  • Government secotr does not differentiate you based an your college but purely based on your Individual merit and skills. It It gives you the 2-3 years work experience which the private sector looks for.

PSUs offer a very good salary package. Salaries in PSUs are much better today than in the pre- 6th Pay Commission days. If you compare salaries with the private sector, PSUs are better – at least up to the mid management level.

PSU jobs are secure. Presently, a job in global giant MNCs, like Cognizant Technologies, is not secure even if you have been working with them for the last ten years. This year they have “pink-slipped” more than ten thousand employees world-wide. In comparison, due to the security and stability at Bharat Dynamics Ltd., where I worked, I was able to settle down in Hyderabad, build my house, give uninterrupted schooling and education to my boys, and establish myself as a well-known citizen in my city.


PSUs offer a variety of challenges in your job. Such challenges force you to perform at your peak. You will have technical challenges (things do not work the way they are supposed to), quality challenges (your product does not meet the specifications), man- management challenges (union problems and problems with management). Although such challenges are present in any job, the PSU challenge makes you an all-round experienced officer. They say that if you have worked in a PSU you can work anywhere in the world!

The PSU Interview

The first step after clearing GATE is to appear for the interview with the PSU. It is important that you prepare well for this. Each PSU will invite at least three to four candidates for every job (even for the post of management trainees). Moreover all candidates will have passed GATE and will have prepared well for the interview. Competition will therefore be keen. You have to stand out and get selected under such conditions.

Interviews, I agree, are personal things. Each interview is different from the other, even with the same board. The trend keeps changing. Surprisingly, if you were to ask any candidate after the interview as to how it went, he is sure to tell you that it was “good”.

There are no hard and fast rules for interviews. How you impress the interview board is a “feeling” affair. It cannot be defined too strictly. However, there are a few basics which you need to observe. For these I will refer you to an excellent paper written by authors at “Careers 360 – An Educational Hub”. I have attached it at the link given here. You can click on the link and read it here. Or you can visit their web-site for more information.

Again, I wish you all the best for your GATE preparation, and for the interview.

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