Test Papers (ME)

The Test Papers are under preparation and will be on-line shortly. Till then keep yourself busy with this quiz. These are questions compiled from the bank of questions prepared for various interviews including those for PSUs.



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  1. If you go up a mountain on your bi-cycle at 10 km/h and come down the same distance at 20 km/h, what will your average speed be? (Hint: It is not 15 km/h)
  2. A bat and a ball together cost Rs 120/-.  The bat costs Rs 20/- more than the ball. What is the cost of the bat and that of the ball? (Hint: It is not Rs 100/- and Rs 20/-)
  3. There are three boxes labelled Red Balls, Blue Balls and Red & Blue Balls. All labels are wrong. Without looking into the boxes, how will you correctly re- label them using a single pick?
  4. A rider rides his bicycle for 300km and uses three tyres in the process. How many km of wear does each tyre sustain?
  5. What are the next two numbers in the following sequence? 1, 2, 3, 5, —,  —.
  6. There are a number of bananas in a basket.

“A” ate 1/3 of the bananas

“B” ate 1/3 of the bananas left over and

“C” ate 1/3 of the bananas further left over.

Finally, there were 8 bananas left in the basket.

How many bananas were there initially?

7. A man bought a cell phone for Rs.600/- and sold it for Rs 800/-. He later bought it back for Rs. 1000/- and sold it for Rs 1200/-.

In the entire transaction, did he make any profit?

8. A person travels from “A” to “B” at 20kmph. At what speed must he travel back in order to have a round trip    average of 40 kmph?

  1. Complete the sequence






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  1.  Mom, dad and their two kids come to a river and find a boat. It is small and can carry only 2 kids or 1 adult at a time. Both kids can also row the boat . How can the whole      family   reach the other side of the river?